Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I am making this blog

I know two big things in life.  Stating them alone like this might seem weird - it is weird to me - because realistically I am a messed up person, and some think that when messed up people talk like we know something, we are just being hypocrites or arrogant.  Well, I can't say that I'm not either of those things but I try not to be.

1) I know God.  My heartfelt claim is that I know the way to heaven, happiness, salvation, etc.  I have been through a few bouts of depression where this concept seemed hopeless but I can honestly say I believe it and live accordingly.
2) I know how to be truly healthy, or at least where to start.  I can easily say that most people are doing it wrong and are foolishly (because of lack of education or unwillingness to react to an education) accepting disease/illness.

These are big claims, I know.  

Everyone sees life through his or her own pair of eyes.  We just can't help it.  When we are exposed to a new concept, it is automatically filtered through what we already think we know.  Having a truely open mind is almost impossible, especially today with sensational news on TV, propaganda, widespread crime, scandals, etc... you almost have to shut the door on new ideas.  That difficulty is also compounded by human weakness and selfishness.

Why am I making this blog?  I have found that my knowledge and beliefs cannot be forced on other people.

If you are thinking "no duh, of course you can't MAKE people believe whatever you want", then either you have never really believed in something or you just don't care about other people.  I always heard this adage growing up and thought I knew what it meant - you know, be accepting of everybody and stuff like that.  Well, its not so simple.  The concept really kicked me in the face when I started actually believing in stuff whole-heartedly.

Imagine you had the cure for AIDS.  Cancer.  Tuberculosis.  Imagine you had a real "magic bullet".  And once you found this magic cure, what would you do?  Of course, you would try to share it with everyone!!  You would publish it wherever you could, talk to everyone about it - you would probably never stop talking about it for a very long while.

Ok, that was easy enough to visualize.  We daydream about stuff like that all the time, or at least I do - being a superhero and whatnot, helping people.  However, in reality no one listens.  We all reject the truth unless it is easy.  Call it craziness.  Refuse that we can change.  Now, if you really believed in the cure and you really cared about the people, then surely you would persists in your attempts to deliver the truth, no matter what.

Its hard knowing so much, or thinking you do - "With great power comes great responsibility", and that goes for knowledge too.  If I see someone who is depressed or downtrodden I want to tell them about God.  If I see someone who is always sick or tired, or who has a disease, I want to tell them about the raw food diet (the diet our Creator designed for us).  I get really excited because I have the answers!!!  It is so hard for me to keep my big mouth shut!  Not only that, but you'd be surprised at how quickly people realize that I am different in those areas - moreso with diet because it’s not every day you see a twenty-something American male downing bananas and salad at a cookout.

So, that's why I've made this blog.  I've come to realize that you can only say so much. Here, I write down my petty thoughts that I unfortunately can't zap into people’s minds, which I suppose is for the better.  This way, those who know me can only endure maybe two or three rants in person, and the rest of it they can read about (if they actually want to).

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