Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Blame CVS

Yesterday I signed a petition in Philadelphia against CVS selling expired baby food.

Now, I think this is an atrocity and that's why I signed the petition. However I also believe that we can do much better. Why limit our demands to "non-expired" food? How about demanding higher quality food? How about demanding the best? Isn't that what our children deserve?

News flash: you're not going to get the best at CVS. You're not going to get it in little single-serving packages that have been sitting on the shelf for three weeks with a picture of someone else's baby on the front. No one out there can deliver the highest quality food for your baby in this manner. When it comes to feeding our kids (and parenting in general), we can't throw up our hands and point to someone else in a white coat who claims to know best.

Take responsibility. If we don't, then who will? Not CVS, or anyone.

We should at least take responsibiliy for our precious children. How hard is it to blend up some real fresh fruit? Make a baby-sized bottle of real juice? Feed our children real food? Hey, you could even go the extra mile and buy organic. Why feed your kid any amount of poison?

We all have a choice, and that's fine. However, we shouldn't inculcate our children with choices that we have already made, especially the ones we know are wrong. We shouldn't ruin their body before they even have a chance to decide what they want to do with it. We should teach them to choose - so if you want to make chemical additives and disgusting processed foods part of your regular diet, that's fine - but don't ruin it for your kids.

Parents: take some initiative and stop being so pathetically lazy.

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