Friday, July 10, 2009

Authority of nutritional advice

Many people seek nutrional advice for many reasons - healing, weight loss, looking and feeling younger, etc. The problem is that people put way too much faith in "professional" advice, without putting it through any sort of critical analysis.

I think the best way to verify if someone is giving sound advice in this area is to observe how they live. Do they look healthy? Are they vibrant? Would you like to look and feel like they do?

Doctors are not nutritionists. They did not go to school for nutrition. They went to school to administer drugs or perform surgery, that's it. And all of these "studys" on nutritonal facts change all the time, and we can't see the scientists who work on them anyway.

Its like following directions on a map just by looking at the directions, and not also looking at the road. You have to move the steering wheel according to the road. The directions just make sure you take the right turns.

If you propose to a doctor that you might be healed by a change of diet and fasting, they will say "No no no, impossible. But here - eat these pills!"

People need more faith in their own instincts when it comes to health. If you sense that something works for you and makes you feel good, its probably on the right track, despite if a "professional" tells you otherwise.

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